Volunteer Information

Join us in the fun! A day as a volunteer at the North Bay Science Discovery Day will be one you will never forget. The day is a spectacular splash of energy and excitement. Kids everywhere are happy and seriously engaged in activities that are intended to get them excited about STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Check back in January 2022 to volunteer for a role and shift.


Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteer shifts are about 3 hours, starting at 7am and ending at 6 pm

  • Volunteers are super helpful and friendly to everyone!

  • Volunteers wear a white lab coat (provided)

  • Volunteers are expected to be a resource for attendees, so it is helpful to  read the program and acquaint yourself with the exhibit and bathroom locations

  • Any volunteer wearing a lab coat who happens to speak Spanish is invited to wear a special orange sash that says "se habla Español."