Exhibitors / Activities for Saturday, October 28, 2017

Here is the list of fun, fabulous, and zany exhibits (or activities) that will be at the North Bay Science Discovery Day.  Each exhibitor offers a wonderful hands-on activity for kids -- just for them to get excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Come back again to this site and watch the list grow! For details on being an exhibitor as well as participant lists from previous years, go to exhibitor information.

What powers an electric car?

Watch how to make your own battery at home and see solar panels at work

What can you learn about local plants and wildlife?

Touch tide pools animals and taxidermy animals.

Can you identify mountain lions and bobcats?

Check tracks, signs, and props and use predator research techniques to identify Bay Area wildlife.

How high up is space?

Estimate the thickness of the atmosphere and where space begins.

How do you engineer paint?

Discover how chemical engineers can create paint using simple household materials. Explore consistency, color, and proportions as you perfect your paint.

How deep is Lake Ralphine?

Operate ROV motors using the control box to see how an ROV and a sonar device can map the bottom of a lake and locate the deepest point.

How sun safe are you?

Create a UV Bead Bracelet and see how they change colors depending on the light. Keep sun safe!

How does a radio station cover a festival?

Be interviewed by a DJ and watch all the people and technology that support a live radio program.

Can you build structures with newspaper?

Measure the reliability of your cell phone and tables with testing machines.

How does a radio station use technology for our event?

Brent Farris, the DJ for KZST, will be circulating through the crowds taking pictures and getting reactions that will go on FaceBook live!

Does your young child know how to find you when lost?

Obtain a free bracelet for parents' cell phone number, which makes it very easy for us to locate you.

What can you learn from our skulls?

Explore hands-on the skulls and skeletons from animals right here in Sonoma County.

Can you train your brain to work more efficiently?

Participate in brain training activities to strengthen attention and memory with improved visual processing.

Use Strawbees to design your own colorful geodesic dome and sphere.

How can you engineer a geodesic dome and sphere?

Help prompt thinking in others by asking more questions. Learn teaching techniques.

How does science build curiosity in learners?

Have you ever wanted to be a heart surgeon?

Dress up as a physician and use real medical devices on a fake patient. Track angioplasty balloons and more!

How are bouncy balls, Gak, and Slime made?

Create a variety of polymer toys using simple chemistry. Customize them with color and sparkles.

What does your heart look like and how does it work?

Touch real hearts and look at them with a microscope. Learn about heart valves, anatomy, and the magic of Nitinol.

What if you could see inside the human body?

Use Augmented Reality (AR) and learn about human anatomy.

How do sound waves interact?

Change the physical relationship of loudspeakers and observe constructive and destructive interaction.

FREE Admission and FREE Parking!

March 13, 2021, 10 am to 4 pm
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
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