Exhibitors / Activities for Saturday, October 28, 2017

Here is the list of fun, fabulous, and zany exhibits (or activities) that will be at the North Bay Science Discovery Day.  Each exhibitor offers a wonderful hands-on activity for kids -- just for them to get excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Come back again to this site and watch the list grow! For details on being an exhibitor as well as participant lists from previous years, go to exhibitor information.

What can a robot do?

Check all the things that a robot can do.

How does an airboat work and why do we need them?

How does an airboat work and why do we need them?

Build your own mini airboat to see how they are propelled by air. Climb on board a real airboat!

Build your own mini airboat to see how they are propelled by air. Climb on board a real airboat!

What makes things explode?

Watch the exciting fountain of spray that happens when Mentos and Cola are mixed.

How does a drone fly?

Watch the drones perform delicate maneuvers above and around the area.

How do we use Math every day?

Experience how fun math an be and how important it is to know.

How do solar panels produce energy?

Check out the use of a solar panel that is connected to a fountain.  See how solar creates energy.

How can the Sun heat, cool, and power our lives?

Experience the power of sunshine through solar etching, assembling a solar fountain, experimenting with solar cells, and cooking with a solar oven.

Solstice Company

Can you see a sound wave?

Feel and see sound waves inside a tube as you vary the frequency of sound.

How does the Internet get to your door?

Use fiber optics and electricity to see how the Internet travels.

Where does energy come from?

Explore electricity generation, circuits, and sustainability.

Can you design a foil boat to carry the most pennies?

Construct your own floating boats and see how many pennies it will carry.

What is amateur radio?

Discover the art and science of radio.

How do invertebrates indicate watershed health?

Look for aquatic macroinvertebrates in a container of Russian River water and discovery water quality (or not).

Sonoma Raceway

How can you build the best gravity-powered race car?

Build your own gravity-powered race car from recycled materials. Use Friedman's Home Improvement STEM ramp.

What lives in the watershed?

Take a walk through the watershed and hold live insects and critters, and check out skins and skeletons.

How do robots talk to each other?

Use basic math concepts for robots to talk to each other.

Which way will the water flow?

Modify PVC pipe structures with valves and rotatable arms to change the direction of water flow.

What sturdy structure can you build with straws?

Make sturdy structures with straws and paperclips. Then test the strength.

Can you see germs on your hands?

Put "germs" on your hands and see how well you can wash them off.  Use black lights to check results.

What is it with squid?

Dissect a squid to see its inner workings.

How does plastic trash impact marine life?

Dissect albatross boluses, do a fun trash decomposition activity, and view phytoplankton.

How can you retrieve treasure from the bottom of the ocean?

Retrieve objects in water as Cartesian divers do.

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March 13, 2021, 10 am to 4 pm
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
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