Exhibitor Information

Who can be an Exhibitor ?

Exhibitors are people who are enthusiastic about education and want to present engaging Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities to young students. Individuals and teams come from large corporations, environmental nonprofits, government agencies, small businesses, schools, clubs, research institutions, and other groups involved with STEM concepts.  

What is an Exhibit?

An Exhibit is a hands-on STEM activity designed for 4th-8th grade students where they can learn something new and inspiring and also connect with people who use STEM concepts. There are helpful Exhibitor Guidelines and other information on this site, and in-person conversations are welcome.  .  

What should you do first?

Be sure you have a reliable team to work together before and during the Discovery Day. It can be challenging to manage a full-day event by oneself. Many companies have found this to be a great team building activity.  

What if you can't think of an idea?

Not to worry. We have experienced people who can help you develop an activity that aligns

with your message, fits with your resources, and is appropriate for the age group.  

Check last year's program for ideas and see what others have done.

What are the steps?

  1. Read the Exhibitor Guidelines

  2. Read the Exhibitor Information

  3. Read the Terms & Conditions

  4. Get a commitment from your group

  5. Complete the Entry Form (available soon)


Questions?   Contact Lyman Black who coordinates the exhibitors.

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available soon: