Exhibitors 2022

A Traveling Space Exhibit

What does it take to fly into space? What is a meteorite?

Boy Scouts of America, Redwood Empire Council

Are you and your family interested in hands-on activities, both indoors and outdoors, while making new friends?

Children's Museum of Sonoma County

Can you make a rocket that will launch into the air?

Free COVID Vaccinations

Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Exhibit 1 - What's it like to be an engineer?
Exhibit 2 - The Pendulum: How can a simple pendulum teach us about electrical waves?
Exhibit 3 - Music and Math: What does sound look like?
Exhibit 4 - Invisible Electromagnetic Waves: How do cell phones and remote controls work?
Exhibit 5 - Distance To Fault Measurement: If there's a broken wire, how can we tell where that broken wire is?
Exhibit 6 - Microscope and Microcircuits: What is really inside of a microchip or microcircuit?

Medtronic - Artificial Intelligence

How will AI change medicine, surgeries and health?

Medtronic - Laparoscopy Both

What is laparoscopic surgery? Why is it developed?

Mobile Climate Science Labs -- Students Making Their City Energy Efficient

How are young people making practical discoveries as leaders in climate action?

Petaluma Wildlife Museum

What is biodiversity and why is it important?

Robert Ferguson Observatory

Observe our favorite star! What makes it shine? Why is it important to our planet?

Sonoma County Ag + Open Space

What does land conservation mean to you?

Sonoma State University Center for Environmental Inquiry & Bio Outreach

What is a watershed & what lives there?

SRJC Computer Studies

What happens when Mentos are added to diet cola? Why does it happen?


What happens when dry erase art is put in water?

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging - Shark

What is the place of this animal in the sea and how does it live there?

UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

What will you discover making art through motion?

UC Davis Integrative Genetics and Genomics

What is DNA and how do scientists study it?

Veolia Water

How do microorganisms help us treat wastewater?

501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison

How can I become a member of the 501st Legion?

Advanced Personalized Learning

How can I build my own Nerf robot?

Boy Scouts of America, Redwood Empire Council

What adventures in science will interest you as part of peer-led Scouting groups?

Crecer ConCiencia

Why are pollinators so important? Do we have food without pollinators?

Internet of Things Mob

What happens when you combine 3D Printing, IoT, and AI?

Maria Carrillo Robotics, MC² 5728

What can robots do for you?

Medtronic - Heart Anatomy

Where is your heart in your body? What does your heart do and why is it there?

Medtronic Vascular Inc. - Mock Catheter Lab

Would you like to know what it's like to be a doctor and perform surgery on a patient?

NorCal Bats

Why do people need bats in our home towns?

Rebel Legion Endor Base

How can you support science and join the Rebel Legion?

ROV TOUR: Underwater Robotic Adventures

What can you do with an underwater remotely controlled robot vehicle?

Sonoma County Library - BiblioBus

How do the magnets move objects without touching?

Sonoma Water

What lives in our rivers and creeks?

SRJC Drone Studies Program

What does a drone look like and what can it do?

The Bird Rescue Center

Why are birds important to the environment and how can we conserve their habitats?

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - Earthquake Science Center

Why do earthquakes happen in the San Francisco Bay Area?

UC Berkeley RadWatch & DoseNet

Where do we find nuclear radiation in our environment and how do we measure it?

UC Davis Science Says

How do you make polymers?

Viavi Solutions - Optical Security and Performance Products

How is light used in our daily lives to make products safer?

American Chemical Society - California Section

Charles M. Schulz Museum

How do you use science to bring still objects to life?

Denali Therapeutics

What does a brain look like and how does it function?

Kaiser Permanente

What can we do to help prevent the continuation of this pandemic?

Marin County Free Library

Can you match the animals with their tracks?

Medtronic - Idea Wall

If you could invent anything what would it be?

Milo Baker Chapter - California Native Plant Society

How do native plants adapt to drought in our region?

Penguin Empire Robotics - San Marin High School

What can robots do for you?

Recology Sonoma Marin - Waste Zero

Where does your household waste go?

Smile Orthodontics

How does technology help orthodontists predict the outcomes of treatment?

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs

How do radio waves work?

SRJC Chemistry Club

Why does color sometimes change in a chemical reaction?

SRJC Physics Club

What is electricity, density, and momentum?

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging

What can you see under a microscope?

UC 4-H Youth Development Program - STEM Education

What can you add to your community to make it a happier place?

UC Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County

How do we get butter from milk?

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical - Pharmacology/Toxicology

What can you observe about magnets?


What does an owl pellet reveal about an owls role in an ecosystem?