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Exhibitors 2023

Inquiry Question
Advanced Personalized Learning
Nerf robotics, Mark Rober Sand Pit, and Code a Video Game!
How do robots work? What is a fluidized bed? How do video games work?
Audubon Canyon Ranch
1.Use trail photos to answer questions about wildlife. 2. Build a model structure to keep pets, livestock, & wildlife safe.
Do you know your wild neighbors and how to live in harmony with them?
BioMarin Research and Early Development
Boy Scouts of America Redwood Empire Council
Scout-O-Rama - Scouting activities for youth and families at the NBSDD
Are you interested in group activities that combine STEM activities with outdoor adventure and peer leadership?
Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma-Marin
Cyberpunk Logo for Young Minds
What else could the guts of a computer be reimagined as?
Buck Institute - Educational Outreach
The Life and Times of the Dogfish Shark
What do you know about the most common shark off your shores?k
California Highway Patrol
Interaction with officers, patrol vehicles, CHP motorcycles, DUI goggles simulating intoxication, spike strip
Interaction with officers, patrol vehicles, CHP motorcycles, DUI goggles simulating intoxication, spike strip
California Native Plant Society, Milo Baker Chapter
Plant a living community – plant a native oak tree
How do our native oak trees help fight global warming and promote biodiversity?
Charles Schulz Museum
Learn the Science of Animation
How does animation work?
Children's Museum of Sonoma County
Pressure Rocket Surgery Lab
Can you make a paper rocket that will launch with compressed air?
Denali Therapeutics
Unlocking the mysteries of the brain and treating brain diseases
What does a brain look like and how does it function?
Dow Development Laboratories
Endor Base
Photos with Endor Base
Who's your favorite?
Universal Air Suspension Circuit
What if everything with a wheel(s) had an integrated suspension circuit, making even the smallest vehicle a luxurious ride?
Kids Fun Science
Tornado in a Jar
Spin the jar, creates a vortex. Centripetal force causes the water to spin around that vortex, making a tornado in a jar
What do you notice? What do you wonder? What does it remind you of?
Medtronic - Saving Lives with Scientific Minds
Medtronic- Saving Lives with Scientific Minds
How does medical device technology save lives?
Mobile Climate Science Labs
Students Taking STEM-Based Action on Climate Change, Innovative Pioneers in Energy Efficiency. in CA, DC, MD, VA.
How are middle & high school students making the North Bay to Washington DC more energy efficient? As a STEM climate action
NorCal Bats
Live Bats with NorCal Bats
Why is our food healthier when there are enough bats around??
North Bay Science Discovery Day Specialty
Skulls and Tracks
Can you identify an animal from its skull or track and match tracks and skulls?
Pacific Coast Air Museum
Climb Aboard a HUEY Helicopter or a Blue Angel F-4 Phantom Cockpit!
How does an aircraft fly?
Pepperwood Preserve
Microscope Magic/Microscopios Mágicos
What do you see? ¿Que ves?
Point Blue Conservation Science
Come learn about the three P’s of marine food webs: poop, puke, and plankton!
What can we learn about the health of our oceans from the prey of seabirds, sea lions, and whales?
Precision Crane Service Inc
Cranes, Forklifts, and Heavy Haul trucking
Project Super Plants
Plant your own supercharged Super Plants to combat global warming!
What can you do today to reduce global warming -- supercharging plants to intake more CO2?
Robert Ferguson Observatory
View the Sun, Cook a Comet
Ever wondered what the surface of our Sun looks like? How can you look at it safely?
SRJC Biology
From Microbes to Mammals
What do real lungs look like in action?
SRJC Chem Club
Using Chemistry to understand color.
Why does color sometimes change in a chemical reaction?
SRJC Computer Studies Department
Diet Cola and Mentos Reaction Show
What happens when you combine diet cola with Mentos candy?
STRAW Program
What is a watershed?
What is a watershed and how do we impact it with our actions?
Sonoma County Ag + Open Space
iSpy Something Green: Land Conservation in a box!
What does land conservation mean to you?
Sonoma County Beekeepers Association
Learn about Honey Bees and Pollinators
Why are Honeys Bees and Pollinators important?
Sonoma County LIbrary
Visit the BiblioBus & Make Paper Planes
How does the weight on the nose of a paper plane affect the distance it will travel?
Sonoma County Radio Amateurs Youth Lounge
Sonoma County Radio Amateurs Youth Lounge
How do you build a simple electrical circuit
Sonoma Ecology Center
Augmented 3D XBOX Watershed Model
What is a Watershed? Where are the boundaries and headwaters of a watershed?
Sonoma Resource Conservation District
Fire resilience and adaptation to disturbance
How do our forests adapt after a natural disturbance??
Sonoma Water
Invertebrate Exploration!
How do aquatic macroinvertebrates indicate watershed health?
The Bird Rescue Center
Native Birds, their natural history and environmental importance.
Why are birds important and why should we work to conserve their existence and habitats?
The Lawrence Hall of Science
Optical Illusions
How do our eyes and brain work together to make sense of the world around us?
The Xerces Society
X Kids and the Incredible Invertebrates
What invertebrates are in your neighborhood?
UC 4-H Youth Development Program
Scribble Bot
How can you design, build, and test a scribbling machine that will make drawings on paper?
UC Berkeley RadWatch & DoseNet
Exploring radiation in our environment
Where do we find radioactivity in our environment and how do we measure it?
UC Davis Science Says
Picture yourself as a scientist!
What do you like most about science?
UC Fire Science
Fire Science - How Fire Works in California Ecosystems
How are California's ecosystems shaped by fire?
UC Liberty 4-H Beekeepers
Honey Bees Help Make Many Plants Grow
How do honey bees help plants?
How Do Microscopic Organisms Keep Our Water Clean
How do microscopic organisms keep our water clean?
Examples of thin film coating as related to the science of light.
Have you ever wondered how color changes in nature?
Owl Pellet Dissection
What in the world did that owl cough up?
XRMARIN Immersive Learning Lab
Science MetaVerse - Using Virtual Reality to increase student engagement and understanding in STEM.
How will climate change impact coastal cities of California.
Zero Waste Sonoma
We will provide information on the recycling programs in Sonoma County
We have a Plinko Game with questions on the recycling programs in Sonoma County
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