FREE Admission and FREE Parking!

March 13, 2021, 10 am to 4 pm
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
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Event Status

Saturday, October 26, 1:35 pm

What a disappointing and sad day this has been. Just about the time we were to open the doors at 10 am, the County closed down the Fairgrounds in anticipation of the need for housing for the thousands of people who were planning to be evacuated from communities north of Santa Rosa. I am so very sorry if this was an inconvenience for anyone. So many exhibitors were there with the tables all set waiting for the arrival. I am so sorry for this outcome. Thanks to everyone for your willingness to support the event in whatever way that you did.

-- Carole Bennet, Chair

Friday, October 25, 7:02 pm

YES, we are definitely having an event tomorrow! After a full day of setting things up, we did have some discussion with the Fairgrounds folks, and they wanted us to have the event! The air quality conditions are supposed to improve tomorrow. The wind is supposed to lessen. We will see you all tomorrow morning! Remember that all attendees will enter the far south gate #7. Early exhibitors and volunteers can enter Gate #4, but that one will close at 9:45 am.

-- Carole Bennet, Chair

Thursday, October 24, 3:15 pm:

A report from the Fairgrounds indicates a change in parking at our event. I added a map circling Gate #7 and an arrow where parking will be. 


"PARKING UPDATE:  Cal-Fire is consuming all of Lot B, so we are routing all parking for your event & Pumpkin Nights to Gate 7 on Aston Avenue.  We will park them on the Race Track & use trams to bring them to the event.


We will post on our website and have signage out.  All of the walk-thru gates will be open for those walking to the event or happen to park in the lots on Bennett Valley Road."

-- Fairgrounds

Friday, October 25, 10:09 am

Air quality seems to be the concern today. In checking the air quality website, it appears TODAY the air quality is "unhealthy for sensitive groups."  TOMORROW (Saturday) the Air Quality is predicted to be "Moderate" indicating an improved status. Our Planning Team is going up this afternoon for set up.  

-- Carole Bennet, Chair

Thursday, October 24, noon:

Today's final committee meeting was pretty dramatic with all kinds of news coming in. Around 10 am this morning, the Fairgrounds advised us that we can operate as planned. Cal-Fire Operations will be held at the Jockey club. PG&E has not included the Fairgrounds in the power shutoff area. No evacuees are at the Fairgrounds at this time. The Fairgrounds has been accepting evacuated animals since midnight, but that will be in the back area of the Fairgrounds. Keep watching this website for any last minute postings.  -- Carole Bennett, Chair

Wednesday, Oct 23, 11 am:

Here is a web announcement from PG&E

Tuesday, October 22, 8 pm:


Quote from Press Democrat newspaper:  The warning indicating weather conditions are expected that will increase wildfire risks begins at noon Wednesday for all of Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties, including the coast, valleys and higher elevations, meteorologist Ryan Walbrun said.

Stronger winds are expected Saturday night into Sunday across the Bay Area, he said, noting that October is the heart of fire season, the month when both the Oakland hills fire of 1991 and the North Bay wildfires of 2017 erupted.

Pacific Gas & Electric said Monday it is considering a preemptive power shutdown that could affect 200,000 customers in 16 counties, including 33,600 in Sonoma County. Customer notifications began Monday and the utility said it would make a decision on the outage Wednesday morning.



Tuesday, October 22, 9 am:

The news as of now indicates that the Fairgrounds will not be part of any shut down of energy. Note the photo below from the Press Democrat indicating the bubbled areas that are outside the Fairgrounds area.

Even so, many of our exhibitors do not require electrical power, and our event happens during the daylight hours. 

Please come back to this site for the latest in any changes to the event.  Thanks for your patience!