What Kids Say

How does an experience like the Discovery Day influence someone? What are thoughts about future choices and occupations? Here are some comments of kids who have attended a Discovery Day as well as comments from others who were touched by science at an early age. BTW, if you are someone who has attended, make a quick little movie and send it to us!

"I was more competitive with Odyssey of the Mind!"

"I enjoyed teaching the little kids about science."

"I enjoyed teaching the little kids about science."

"It improved my public speaking skills."

"A 6th grade experience got me into science."

"My geophysics major in college was inspired by my third grade teacher."

An email we received...


"I just thought you might like to hear how helpful everything on your North Bay Science Discovery Day page has been for one of the kids I work with! I'm a tutor and librarian and have been working with a young girl named Alyssa for a few days on a lot of different science subjects. Not that she needs tutoring or anything, she went to a STEM camp over summer and is obsessed with doing something science related as a career. I've been showing her just how many different options are out there and everything you put up on your STEM Links page really helped drive that point home for her! Figured I'd let you know how much she and I appreciate it all. I'll definitely be passing along your page to some of the other students!

About the same time we stumbled across your page, Alyssa also found this breakdown of the different types of engineering fields that are out there http://ithare.com/fields-of-engineering-overview/ . She was thinking of pursuing a career in engineering when she grew up so this was incredibly beneficial for her. After all the help she got from you she thought we should pass it along as our way of saying thanks! She figured there's probably some other kids out there who would get some use out of it, too, in case you wanted to add it to your page! If you do, would you mind emailing me back so I can let her know you liked her suggestion?

Thanks again and have a good day!


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March 13, 2021, 10 am to 4 pm
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
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