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Online Activities

Animated Storytelling

Kahn Academy

Analyze films and start your own storytelling with this fun app

Candy & Science

Candy Warehouse Blog

Use candy for concepts of math and creating science experiments

DIY Lake Science

Lawrence Hall of Science

Investigate and learn about freshwater ecosystems anywhere you go!

Fun Science with Bottles

Bottle Store

Learn about science with bottles and other common items at home

Pixar Creates Characters

Kahn Academy

Learn how Pixar story artists create memorable characters

Math is Fun

Math is Fun

Have fun with Puzzles, Numbers, Strategy, Logic and Multiplayer Games

Brains On! Podcast

MPR News and Southern California Public Radio

This podcast will ask questions and go wherever the answers take

Color Me PhD


Each artwork has descriptions with recent scientific publications

DIY Human Body

Lawrence Hall of Science

Learn about the human body at home, at school, or anywhere you go!

Hair Simulation 101 Lesson

Kahn Academy

Learn how Pixar makes Merida's bouncy, curly hair in "Brave"

Pixar Develops Story Structure

Kahn Academy

Pixar shows how to organize and structure their own stories



Downloadable game about placing blocks and going on adventures

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